Can you recommend an introduction to Behavioural Science / Behavioural Economics?
There are several excellent options. One of my favourite books on the topic is "Behavioural Foundations of Public Policy". There is a useful short guide edited by Alan Samson here. There are also excellent online MOOC courses such as those by Dan Ariely and Dilip Soman. There are also executive education courses offered at Yale and Harvard. 

How can I hire a Behavioural Scientist into my company on an ongoing basis?
Many companies are now realising the benefit of behavioural science and I have helped many companies hire experts into new roles. Including hiring the Head of Behavioural Science at Ipsos MORI, as well as engagements for the Department for Work and Pensions and BI Worldwide. The website BE-Recruit provides a list of jobs, where candidates can also upload their CVs and sign up to job alerts.

Do you provide help to start-ups?
I am very interested in the exciting world of Fin-Tech. I am currently on the advisory boards of two ambitious companies: Squirrel and Aire. I would consider being involved with other partners with offers of an equity stake or a clear data-sharing contract.

Can we chat about academic collaborations?
Absolutely! Always keen to hear from others interested in financial decision-making and related areas. I have exclusive access to many exciting datasets that are currently under-utilised. Email me and let's Skype.

Can you write me a recommendation letter?
My policy is to write recommendation letters only for students I have worked closely with (e.g., as a Research Assistant, or a PhD student, or if I have supervised your Masters dissertation). It is only these students that I feel I can write a strong, personalised letter for. If you were a student in my class, then I am afraid I cannot do this for you.