Based on my research and experience, there are several projects I would like to apply to companies. If you are interested in the topics below, getb in touch and we can discuss further. 

The Happy Bank

Consumers are hungry for insights about themselves, and at the same time are deeply unegaged with their finances. Monthly bank statements. States whether you are happy or not.

Improving Credit Scoring

A lot of data available, just need to make the link. 

Know your customers financial literacy

Traditional approaches have been slow and expensive. FCA. Develop a test using the latest statistical approaches of Item Response Theory, meaning a quick approach .

Texting to increase Savings

Small reminders work. Nudge customers to build up a buffer of savings.

Using Loss-Aversion as an alternative to risk

An idea by Professor Shlomo Benartzi, 

Measuring behavioural biases of investors