To engage a broader audience with my research, I regularly provide interviews and quotes to news outlets on topics relating to behavioural economics, behavioural science and consumer decision-making.

Discussing ‘The Pain of Paying’ on BBC World News

The Cost of a Cashless Society - New Statesmen

Applying Behavioural Science to Customer Conversion

Future of the High Street - BBC Big Questions

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I am very excited to have been named one of the top 30 people under 30 in Finance by Forbes Magazine. The list, which is released annually by Forbes, gives the names of the 30 individuals who they believe are  shaping the world of finance.

I am deeply honoured to be chosen. The list includes incredible talents. As the only academic on this list, I hope my research will have the real-word impact needed to justify the award by improving people’s financial decisions and improving the wellbeing of society at scale.

BBC World News: Chocolate and Pricing. 

In this interview I discuss how companies price goods and the influence this has on consumer behaviour. 

BBC World News: Behavioral Economics of Plastic Bag Tax. 

A recent BBC World TV interview where I discusses the plastic bag tax and why this has been so effective. I also explain the research underpinning how this charge might work to 'nudge' consumers in other areas of public policy.

Interview in Wall Street Journal

A summary of my recent research on money and happiness appeared in today's Wall Street Journal. It highlights the important role of cash (as opposed to overall wealth) on helping people feel financially secure and therefore more satisfied with their lives. It also discusses what are the "right" type of purchases for different kinds of people to help improve their wellbeing. Purchases that help makes one person happy, may not do so for another. The article can be found online here

Also followed up on here

How Your Bank Balance Influences Happiness

My research with Sonja Lyubomirsky and Peter Ruberton "How Your Bank Balance Buys Happiness: The Importance of Cash on Hand to Life Satisfaction" received media attention from the Daily Mail and Time Magazine.

Fast Company - Article on Spending and Happiness

"New studies have provided compelling evidence that there is real value in some kinds of material purchases. In a study that was published in Psychological Science in April, researchers found that people were happier if they spent on things that matched their personality. The researchers looked at bank transactions of more than 600 individuals, all of whom anonymously filled out a questionnaire about their personality type and life satisfaction. The happiest people in the study seemed to be ones who spent more on things or services that were in sync with their personality type. For example, an outgoing person would love to blow his cash at a pub, but a more introverted person is likely to be happier spending that kind of money on books.

Joe Gladstone, a co-author of the study and a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge, says that this work does not assume, like some of the studies that have compared experiences with material goods, that there is one rule to happiness. "I think it’s more likely that for some people experiences would make them especially happier and for some people, they wouldn’t," says Gladstone."

Money Buys Happiness When Spending Fits Our Personality - Media Coverage

My research paper with co-authors Sandra Matz and David Stillwell, received a wide range of global media coverage when it was published in April 2016. Below are some of the highlights of this coverage. 

YouTube Vlogs - Improving Financial Decisions

I have created a series of video blogs talking about issues in personal finance, and how academic research in behavioural science could help suggest solutions to these consumer problems.

CJBS Website - Brain Food


BBC World News - World Business Report

An interview on "Pay What you Want" pricing models for BBC World News. See the video here

Forbes Magazine

Posted here is an interview I gave to Forbes Magazine in November 2014 where I discuss how managerial experience is over-rated in comparison to evidence, and give an outline of applying behavioural economics to business more broadly using experiments and 'nudges'.

Science Rockstarz Podcast

Professional Manager

You can see the article here

Employee Benefits


This interview posted on Employee Benefits magazine is titled " Why HR professionals need behavioural economics ".

This interview posted on Employee Benefits magazine is titled "Why HR professionals need behavioural economics".

Cambridge Judge Business School - MBA Podcast