Selected Business Talks

BI Worldwide: Annual Staff Conference
"Money as a Motivator" (14/05/2015)

Cushman and Wakefield: The Future of Retail. 
"Consumer Behaviour and Experiments." (10/06/2015)

MarketForce2020: Customer Analytics in Financial Services
"Behavioural Economics and Customer Products." (18/03/2015).

How-To Academy: Public Lecture
"The Behavioural Economics of Everyday Life." (22/01/2015).

MetLife UK: Annual Sales Conference
"The Secrets to Success" (04/06/2015).

MetLife UK: Sales Training Workshops.
"Behavioural Economics and Pensions" (02/06/2015)

Barclays Bank
"Behavioural Economics and Financial Health" (10/08/2014)